Build a strong mind, body, and community

Swimming is the ultimate low impact, muscle building, aerobic workout. Those who chase these benefits either pay to swim boring laps at a crowded pool, or participate in out-of-date, out-of-style, water aerobics classes. For other fitness junkies, the pavement pounding of running takes a toll on the body, and training on a bike can be repetitive and limited. Swimming has just never been a fun, convenient option. Until now. Enter, Strox.

Strox offers professionally crafted and instructed dynamic swim sessions designed to make you walk out exhausted but with your head held high. In the Strox community, you will find champions to push you towards your total health goals. The low impact, full body, immersive Strox experience will enhance your mental and physical wellness, helping you look and feel great.

Am•phib•i•ous adj. Related to, living in, or suitable for both land and water. Ex. Strox is fit for anyone who considers him/herself amphibious, from olympians to doggy-paddlers.

Professional Instruction

A tailored 45 minute mix of exercises, intervals, and circuits to build your heart, muscles, and mind. Designed and instructed by pros.
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Cutting-edge Technology

Underwater? No problem. We utilize professional-grade, revolutionary waterproof technology to bring the instruction and music with you.

First-Class Facilities

We are building partnerships with the premier pools in neighborhoods across NYC. We ensure the highest quality facilities for our classes.
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